It is not just a profession, it is their vocation ... The most incredible combinations of names and occupations!

It is not just a profession, it is their calling! As fate had given them a sign from above. This purpose is not exactly imagine! These are people who are certainly in the right place! Are you still in doubt?

It is like a fish in water!

Brutal "never».

tickle your nerves ...

It is not a pleasant one, but what can you do?!

This workspace is not for mere mortals.

Life - the pain.

and decided to cut staff, and your name.

Just feel relaxed and forget about their problems.

As well as spiders and mosquitoes ...

He's just always all the extreme.

I have long known that the bank - the evil.

They have everything here for terms.

All that we'll be ...

Her hands know their stuff.

The best teacher - a personal experience.


The man created for the profession.

With the people and sometimes you potyafkat.

Head - the basis of successful business!


What an incredible combination of name and profession! I met in my life something like that? Be sure to share these incredible coincidences with friends!

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