"A parallel universe in which time goes backwards." Recent research scientists are amazing!

We all used to think that time is irreversible moves from the past to the future. But a team of three theoretical physicists (Julian Barbour, Tim Kozlowski and Flafio Mercati) believes otherwise. They theorized that there is more than one future. Scientists say that after the Big Bang, there were two parallel universes: ours - one that moves forward in time, and the second, in which everything is reversed.

Back in 1920 British astrophysicist singled out the term "time axis" - a concept that describes the time as a straight line extended from the past to the future. Many modern scholars believe that the time is moving in the direction of increasing entropy (disorder or chaos, randomness) to achieve balance between all beings. According to the thermodynamic time axis, all the objects gradually disintegrate. If this is true, then our universe came into existence in the highly ordered state with low entropy.

But why in our past has been that short period with a small entropy? According to the theory of the Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, our world is a fluctuation - random passing deviation of the universe from its ground state of chaos.

Julian Barbour, Tim Kozlowski and Flafio Mercati introduced a new concept of a time axis, based not on thermodynamics, and gravity. «Time - is a mystery. In fact, all known theories of physics look the same, no matter which side is the time », i> - says Barbour.

While working on his theory of "gravitational time axis", the researchers used a simple model of the universe. It was a computer simulation of 1000 particles that interact under the influence of gravity. Studies have shown that each particle gradually becomes less difficult organized, like a swarm of bees chaotic, which soon turns into a more ordered structure, similar to the Boltzmann fluctuation. Thereafter, the particles diverge into two separate symmetrical and opposite to each other of the time axis. Similarly, after the Big Bang could be two parallel each other universes in which time moves in opposite directions.

It is difficult to imagine that somewhere there may exist another world, where time goes, in our opinion, backwards. In any case, our universe is hiding many more secrets that will solve mankind.



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