Shark: Camaya big boat in the world

Heavy Ballistic missile submarine of project 941 "Shark» (SSBN «Typhoon» by NATO classification) - the world's largest nuclear-powered submarines. The project was developed in TSKBMT "Rubin" (St. Petersburg). Reference for the development was granted in December 1972.

The ship 2 solid body arranged in parallel and more durable modules linked by a single external korpusom.On is solid 20 BR located between the pressure hulls. In durable modules outside the PC to be torpedoes at the bow of the boat and also the CPU and hardware REV.Blagodarya this arrangement, this ship has received the largest of all domestic and imported submarines underwater and surface displacement and width of the hull. The surface: 23200 m, scuba: 48000t. Length: 172 m width: 23.3 m, draft: 11 m. The crew of 160 people.The currently 6 issued ships in service only 3 and those are some artful reserve. They are laid and they have agreed to MS Gorbachev with the Americans to wrest control equipment BR. Everything else is in place, but without these cabinets are very peaceful:-))) It was possible to visit one of these submarines and make fotografii.Delalis inferior cameras, so do not kick much kicking. It was in 2004.


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