10 characteristics of each sign of the zodiac, which will tell you all about the plain truth.

Even if a person does not believe in horoscopes, he still perforce ever read them at least to exclaim: "Yes, this is nonsense!" Of course, each person has an individual set of qualities, weaknesses and strengths, to deny it is pointless . However, despite this, astrologers still manage to highlight the features characteristic of almost all members of a particular zodiac sign. They are all gathered here and have a good sense of humor peppered, because the ability to laugh at himself - the art of aerobatics. Well, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, ready to hear the truth about yourself, the uterus? Ofigenno.cc today opens up all the cards.


1. Make it, and then think - why not?

2. While remaining tight on the brake, I press the gas that is forces.

3. Forever Young.

4. With me useless to argue!

5. Listen to the interlocutor to finish - tantalum worse torments.

6. stubbornness - not a vice!

7. I am in control of every situation, but not emotions.

8. One Aries - excellent, two Aries - too much.

9. To attack the first - not me, but I try Zaden!

10. It is better I did not make one!


1. Alien does not take away, but I will not give her!

2. First of all, first of all - meal!

3. Do not feel sorry for the money to buy, I am sorry to bash.

4. It is better to lie on the couch is good, what is bad for a vacation in the Maldives.

5. Bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

6. Disposable lighters - obviously not for me!

7. Quiet steady wins the race.

8. tender calf sucks two queens.

9. I do not attack, but try Zaden something of mine!

10. I'll try just a little bit!


1. Today I have not like was yesterday.

2. Figaro here, Figaro there.

3. Spoon is good for dinner, but the idea - time embodied.

4. A good telly and four - better.

5. Who owns the information, owns the world.

6. The number is better than quality.

7. I live on the principle of a journalist, I know a lot, but are not deeply.

8. Who did not, that was late.

9. The "market" does not answer.

10. Meli, Emelya, your week.


1. My house - my fortress.

2. I have offended, think but tomorrow what.

3. I'm not too rich to buy cheap things.

4. Do you want to meet? Come to visit me.

5. Everything comes to those who wait.

6. Is the coat worn for fifteen years?

7. stocking up for the winter everything: patience and jam.

8. I like to step on the same rake.

9. Nothing warms the soul like a fridge full of.

10. If that Chick-Ciric, I'm in the house!


1. The sun shines Lions.

2. the right manner - half the battle.

3. Suppose that pay little, but what plaque hanging on the office door!

4. If in a whirlpool, then with his head.

5. If you do something with soul.

6. Royal house looks spectacular, even if on it no one plays.

7. And in my heart I'm the dictator!

8. I am with you, who you still need?

9. My revenge is terrible, believe me!

10. The sympathies of others is always on my side!


1. Patience and a little effort.

2. The order is everywhere and in everything!

3. dec me on the shelves, why we are made for each other.

4. Large scale not for me.

5. The very thought of - she was offended.

6. Amanita certainly need to strike the eye, and the white fungus and so well.

7. I am not so much a perfectionist, but this curve Regiment infuriates me!

8. And the speck in your eye, too, does not give me rest.

9. Let me guess that is you want to say.

10. In each of the Virgin lies pevoklassnaya lady.


1. Without a partner - as without hands.

2. Agree and win.

3. Disputes - it's not for me.

4. The beauty will save the world.

5. Pull anyone into anything.

6. Integrity - the lot of fools, and I'm over it.

7. It is necessary to put points on all "and».

8. I can be today for whites, blacks for tomorrow.

9. Make a choice - is torture.

10. I do if the mood.


1. bites someone!

2. In each event there are reefs.

3. Smile? Give me a serious cause.

4. cleared of everything but not by his own passions.

5. I sing a song of love on the battlefield.

6. The world is lost without knights.

7. I like a cactus: with thorns, but in color. However, rarely, and not for everyone.

8. Kill opinion - my specialty.

9. Stay out - kill.

10. Othello there are still on the ground!


1. A good man should be a lot.

2. If I am someone should forgive all.

3. Do not royal case for Sagittarius angry.

4. Best vacation - never work.

5. Remorse? I have not heard.

6. Obligation - the lot of mediocre people.

7. We will understand on the situation, there are coming.

8. Ivan Tsarevich - my idol.

9. The main thing - not a problem and its scope.

10. Optional man simply must be mandatory.


1. And one soldier in the field.

2. Do not break the rules, and the other will carry, and you get caught.

3. I'm not a sprinter, not even long-distance runner. I'm a marathon runner.

4. This Capricorn, like a good cognac. Different exposure.

5. I like to think of distant lands, sitting on the couch.

6. It is worth a lifetime to climb to the top, to spit out once down.

7. I over the years, all younger.

8. I'm going, going, I do not whistle, but as naedyatsya - not lowered.

9. I get away with a lot.

10. My property - a mirror of my success.


1. Become the way I see you.

2. Do not want to be like others.

3. The future is bound to be excellent.

4. Prejudice - for fools.

5. First friends and then family. Unless, of course, have enough time.

6. To discover something new, you need to think differently.

7. It is difficult to be an angel, but I'm out.

8. I will not find kinder. I will not find fresher.

9. Good intention is more important than good works.

10. I do not understand you!


1. Empathy - our everything!

2. You never know what I was saying yesterday promised.

3. Working in a hurry? Oh, stop!

4. The procedure came up with boring people.

5. I understand all, but not themselves.

6. Do not push me, and that uskolznu like a fish out of the hands.

7. This planet did not understand.

8. Willow bends in a storm, and the oak falls.

9. I am always busy, only to know what ...

10. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

Well, coincidence? Understandably, cut one size fits no one was going. Just this post - another reason to look at ourselves. Be sure to share with us in the comments what you'd highlighted the principles of different zodiac signs. And do not forget to share good stuff with friends in social networks.

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