Hell perfectionist: 20 photos, which all bring to a white heat.

Have you noticed ever for them, that any violation of symmetry and order in things is you have resentment and the desire to tear off his hands, who did it? If yes, then most likely you can be called a perfectionist. You're the man who can not be reconciled with the imperfection of the world and makes any deal perfectly. There is a simple test that will help you check if you are an ardent perfectionist. Simply check out these 20 photos, which brought together a team Ofigenno.ss , and pay attention to their emotions. If you can not look at them calmly, then congratulations, you are a perfectionist. Get rid of this virtually impossible - it is an unwritten diagnosis.

1. Just imagine someone cuts in front of you because the cake. B>

2. How long can you look at this ball? B>

3. What would you have felt if you had to wear these socks? B>

4. Or constantly use this folder ...

5. Well, how so? B>

6. How would you feel if you had to look at the DVD-tape every day?! B>

7. Imagine that this is your room forever. B>

8. And this is your window. B>

9. Kitchen cabinets masochist. B>

10. Can this still be considered a real road sign? B>

11. Could you endure this constant nightmare on the way to work? B>

12. Which of these baskets would you take? B>

13. How could people allow this?! B>

14. This is too much. B>

15. The fact that there is something wrong, can see only a perfectionist. B>

16. Maybe I'm just finding fault, but it's unbearable. B>

17. This can not simply be ignored! B>

18. Continuing the theme cakes. B>

19. It's kind of wrong rainbow ...

20. Imagine that it is your bedroom ceiling. I do not buy this apartment, even at half the price. B>

If, after viewing these photos you send goose bumps and you wanted to do it all the imperfections, then there is no doubt that you are a perfectionist.

Share this certainly these photos with your friends. Let them check whether they belong to the type of people!

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