Happiness close

The wise old cat lying on the grass and basked in the sun. Then swept past him a little nimble kitten. He swept past the cat upside down, then playfully jumped up and started running in circles again.
 - What do you do? - Lazy cat asked.
 - I'm trying to catch its own tail! - Breathlessly replied kitten.
 - But why? - Laughed the cat.
 - I was told that the tail - my happiness. If I catch his tail, then catch and happiness. That's why I'm running for the third day after his tail. But he always escapes me.
 - Yes, - smiled a wise old cat - I once, as you ran for your happiness, but it always eluded me. I left this venture. After a while I realized that it makes no sense to chase after happiness. It should always be behind me. Wherever I was, my happiness is always with me, just remember this.


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