Fujisawa - the most environmentally friendly city in the world

In the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa is the most environmentally friendly city in the world Fujisawa, which, according to developers, should be the prototype of the future city. The village is designed for 3000 people, which built 1,000 homes. Residents Fujisawa use renewable energy sources, the cost of 30% less water and move to electric vehicles and bicycles.

The opening ceremony of "smart" city took place at the end of last year, but the construction work is to last until 2018. 30% of the city gets electricity from solar panels and other renewable energy sources. The city is 70% reduced carbon footprint, and local residents can not only buy, but also to rent eco-friendly electric cars. All equipment is economical spending power even street lighting works only when there are people on the street. All public areas are equipped with surveillance cameras and control of all objects derived from the architectural complex Fujisawa SST Square in the city center.

The total cost of the project amounted to 500 million dollars. In the future we plan to build and develop on the model of other cities Fujisawa.


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