60,000 virgins for the king of Swaziland

The Kingdom of Swaziland. Sixty thousand virgins collects cane and carries it to his king. Ancient ritual Swazi people. The most beautiful and happy to become the next king and his wife, this year the fourteenth. The celebration should take part only of a virgin, and that the selection of the king was more accurate then the girls to be as much as possible.

Thirteenth King was unhappy marriage, a careful examination of selected another bride turned out that she was a minor. For that in a democratic state fair criticism followed by the speaker of parliament. King was not in debt to the attack and fired rebellious Speaker, sending him to the corresponding SMS from your mobile phone, which alerted her abuser (approximately close to the text) that before he was speaker of the parliament, and now God knows who ...! The people went raznotolki and almost began to appear the opposition, but turned out to be a wise King Solomon himself. He declared his action to his marriage to a minor as a misunderstanding and publicly in a statement assigned himself just fine - one cow! So for his birthday the king had to choose a bride for the fourteenth time.

The king himself.

Girl preparing to leave the contest


Female check female military

Relatives King

Snipers guarding the king

Son of the king begins courtship dance


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