Riots in Israel

Shabbat, as they say, shalom. Yesterday, the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem city authorities decided to remind about themselves by staging a brawl at the municipal building on the square Safra, the website The reason for the protest was the parking lot, located at City Hall - it was open on Saturdays, that according to orthodox Jews is a violation of the Jewish canon. Disposal of protest was given to the spiritual leader of ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzhak Weiss Tuviey, after a meeting with Mayor Nir Barkat. At this meeting, the mayor did not heed the request to abandon the open parking lot on Saturdays. The fight for "the sanctity of the Sabbath" resulted in a serious clash with police - Orthodox threw bottles at police and different kinds of things, set fire to several garbage cans, tried to storm the city hall building. Wounded six police detained ten people from among the protesters.


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