Acoustic Detection System shots earned in New York in test mode


US law enforcement officials and some other countries are now receiving information about what is happening in certain localities, not only with surveillance cameras, but also with other systems. In particular, we are talking about the acoustic detection and localization of shots that work in a few cities. Previously, such systems and the principle of their actions repeatedly stated, for example, here and here .

These systems are effective enough proof of this is the statistics from Washington, given the link above. Now, however, such a system is in test mode and will work in New York. Police Department yesterday announced the imminent introduction of the work acoustic detection systems shots in five regions of the city, with a total area of ​​several square kilometers. One of the systems has already earned in the Bronx, in line - Brooklyn.

Now the system ShotSpotter - 300 acoustic sensors that localize by triangulation place shot up to 25 meters. ShotSpotter can also count the number of perfect shots, take into account the shots from different weapons (for example, if there were a few shots, and they are made from different guns, the system will indicate that in such a place 2 different gun, 5 shots).


The head of the New York Police said he was going to warn residents that whoever palil of weapons, the police arrive at the place immediately.

According to statistics, in localities where the system works only in 25% of cases of "firearms" locals turn to 911. In other cases, nobody is drawn. And ShotSpotter helps detect these unaccounted 75% of cases.

It is planned to start in the work of more than 8000 acoustic sensors and radars, the determinants of auto license plates and other detectors. Thus, in many cases, the violator of the order will be immediately brought to justice.

City budget system test length of a year will cost $ 1.5 million.

Maybe it's a coincidence, but in the last 28 days the number of crimes decreased by 10%. This week was made only 19 shots, compared to 30 shots last week.



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