Toys of our Soviet childhood

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To refute the many myth-makers, as well as to recall the nostalgic and happy times of our Soviet childhood, I gathered this small selection of toys USSR.

This is a children's toy sewing machine. I was such a child. It makes all the operations that zingerovskaya machine and can be used for high-grade sewing. Was a wonderful machine!

Another sewing machine with a toy iron

Soft toy. which were wonderful toys! My favorites were the bear almost my height and a dog, a little bit like this. Once, when I was very naughty, all the toys in order to leave my punishment, including lbimtsa-bear, and only dog ​​stayed with me. I did not forgive betrayal bear cub and not so much to play with him.

Applications of the USSR. How many of cardboard, paper and other applications were in sets, in magazines, in special books "for girls" or "boys»!

Doll with a permanent magnet: & quot; «My name is __________________________ In my wardrobe painted 11 and 11 are not colored dresses and suits. Armed with scissors, engrave the contour of any dress. After the cuttings take metal "snout" and stick it any adhesive paper on the back side of the board in the place marked by a circle. Now, one has only to rest my dress to my chest as it by a permanent magnet and a metal "patch" will be held securely on me. Play with me handy if I stand on my feet. Insert my legs into the slots stand, and I will stand. Not colored dresses and suits Paint itself and find a place for "Piglet».


The Soviet children's designer. From it you can create different types of airplanes, helicopters, amphibians

Another designer. At the neighbor boy was trinabora such designer watches and we collected and torn by us different cars, airplanes, motorcycles, tractors and excavators

How many of such swords, sticks, swords! I had a wonderful sword with which I am in yard games portrayed Alexander Nevsky.

Toy gun

And they are a few types of children's dolls and PUPS:

Doll middle of the 60th

Doll late 60s


A mandatory attribute of any decent toy store toys were dressed in national costumes of the USSR. Ukrainian doll somehow necessarily bore the name "Oksana". I had such a doll almost a meter in height. once she saved my life, if not, then looks exactly. When I was six years old, my parents were traveling in winter by taxi from Kiev to Krpaty. And so, to ibezhat head-on collision with oncoming traffic, the driver of our taxi twisted in kyuvet.Ya sat at my mom's lap and flew face on the metal handle on the back of the driver's face ... right. But I was in the hands of Oksana, I buried her face in her cloth back, who played the role of a shock absorber, but its kula ceramic face smashed to smithereens. But I have not betrayed. As was very grateful that she saved me, you regularly mutilated places of plastered putty adhesive powder.

Toy iron

Plastic toys from different (medical, cooking, bathing, sand) sets for girls

Beam balance

Filmoskop with filmstrip

Magic Picture: filmstrip is inserted into the projector, rotate, and on the wall there are pictures!

Educational puzzle

Pyramids and whirligig

Wonderful controlled toy!

Who does not remember how it was nice to go riding on a typewriter?

The dream of every boy - tin and plastic toy soldiers:

Game "Electronics", "Well, wait!", "Hockey", "Funny football" and other similar games. The most popular was the first variation - "Well, wait a minute!" (Analogue Nintendo EG-26 Egg):

The game "Well, wait a minute!":

Board game "Driving": Torque range car rides, which is held on it with a magnet. The task of playing - to manage machine so that it is not turned off the road and crashed into a barrier. The game has 3 speeds and the ignition key to start the car.

Toy horse. I had such a child naryadku with a hefty machine with pedals, which I drove at 3-5 on the asphalt near the house. The same cars could be rented at the children's village, which was located at the Mariinsky park.

Well, finally a few patches for clothes:

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