Toys of our Soviet childhood

To quote the author:

To refute the many myth-makers, as well as to recall the nostalgic and happy times of our Soviet childhood, I gathered this small selection of toys USSR.

This is a children's toy sewing machine. I was such a child. It makes all the operations that zingerovskaya machine and can be used for high-grade sewing. Was a wonderful machine!

Another sewing machine with a toy iron

Soft toy. which were wonderful toys! My favorites were the bear almost my height and a dog, a little bit like this. Once, when I was very naughty, all the toys in order to leave my punishment, including lbimtsa-bear, and only dog ​​stayed with me. I did not forgive betrayal bear cub and not so much to play with him.

Applications of the USSR. How many of cardboard, paper and other applications were in sets, in magazines, in special books "for girls" or "boys»!


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