Researchers have learned to locate the smartphone Flow Battery

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A team of researchers from Stanford University and a group of Israeli defense Rafael придумали another way track your phone. For the method does not need access to the GPS, GSM-data and accelerometer. Suffice it for several minutes to track electricity consumption of a telephone.

Phone battery consumption depends on how far it is from the cellular tower, and that prevents the passage of this signal (buildings, the terrain, etc.). Consequently, when moving and changing subscriber telephone power consumption. If a long time to track the state of the battery can be a 90% chance to set the path of motion apparatus.

Plus technology in terms of spyware is that the application does not need any additional permissions to access information about the battery. But there is a serious drawback - locate any subscriber only on this information it is impossible. Estimated path must first be performed and information on the consumption of energy smart phone in this way entered into the database. After the analysis of consumption can only say the same whether the pattern flow battery that is in the database.

Thus, from a practical point of view the effect of this procedure is small. But he still makes us think about how little privacy remains in the modern world. The same long worried and the authors of the study. In the past year, they have already told the world that the gyro phone can be used as a rough microphone. This method enables recognition of words uttered by the phone, but not with 100% accuracy.



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