Apple reported the most profitable quarter in company history

Avoiding covenants Jobs proved incredibly lucrative undertaking: using the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ company earned in the last quarter of 2014 more money than it has ever been.

Schedule Mac Rumors allows us to estimate the contribution to sales of iPhones Apple i>

The company's sales have brought Apple $ 74, 6 billion, of which $ 18 billion - net profit. For comparison - in the last quarter of 2013 revenue of $ 57, 6 billion, of which $ 13, 1 billion profit.

Apple also announced the payment of dividends to holders of shares of the company in the amount of $ 0, 47 per share.

"Stabilization FundĀ» Apple currently is $ 178 billion in cash and securities. Apparently, Apple is simply not know where to spend it.

Source: Apple.

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