Another modest proposal: X-ray standard

It happened during the First World War. Head of the research group to study standards oil said: "Here is the slurry remains after cleaning the oil. This is a terrible thing. It spoils the landscape, and burial in the ground does not help the earth only gets dirty. Make this something ┬╗.

And he created the plastics industry.

He turned useless, harmful muck into wealth. And he was a pioneer in this business. Think about what oil: as long as it is needed to lubricate the mechanisms and then refills it was useless, harmful liquid. Think about the horrible substances used in cosmetics: mud, viscous organic all types and what they get from the head of a dead whale. Think of sturgeon caviar: American fishermen still throw it! A Japanese consider cheese what it once was: sour milk.

Now: the existing plans for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel consist of the following strategies.

Dissolution and burying.
Gulf of fuel in old, abandoned oil wells. Tips tell us that it should be safe after all, the oil was there for millions of years. We can expose their sincerity questioned: all exhausted oil wells, which they used for this purpose, is in Poland.
Method Purnell (co-author Larry Niven - approx. Interpreter i>). People world "nothing nuclear" tell us that the territory of American deserts due to nuclear weapons tests have become useless for thousands of years. We take their word for it. 'll Take nuclear waste to scrap the desert, spotted by craters. Protect him mnogomilnym fence, and write on it:

IF you cross that fence, you die. B>

Of course, there are people who want to cross the fence. Count this as a process of evolution observed in real time. The average human intelligence will grow by a percent.

Dumping of radioactive waste canisters in the folds of the seabed, where lithospheric plates are one above the other. Waste perish in the magma from which they emerged.

Each of these solutions helps eliminate materials; but with some cost and without income. What would be useful is now the world - a new genius. We need a way to convert radioactive income into wealth.

And I think I know him.

Direct. Make him a coin.

Radioactive money have a number of obvious advantages.

A healthy economy depends on how fast it rotates money. Make them radioactive, and they certainly will rotate.

Authentication will be easy money. Geiger counters, like a pocket calculator to them, and become smaller and cheaper due to mass production. You will hear their quick clicks in the window of each fund. Particle accelerator too expensive for counterfeiters; fake money will be forgotten craft.

Stimulate the economy will be a variety of ways. Lead will be incredibly valuable. Even meals for church donations should be made of lead (or gold). Bank vaults must be lined with lead, and coins - are separated by partitions. My attire also undergo changes. Each purse, pocket and one of each pair of pants to be trimmed lead. In spite of this, the term "pocket money tourniquet" will gain a new meaning.

Gold will continue to be a sign of wealth. Gold protects against radiation as well as lead. It will be used in order to protect the rich from their money.

Job tax collector will carry a their own, long-deserved punishment. Sure, like any other profession. Arab oil sheiks still be able to become obscenely rich, but at least we can count on the fact that he will spend the money as quickly as earns - not to turn into a fireball. Corrupt politicians will have to be used to bribe a credit card, which will make it easier to capture. Bank robber about banks will immediately notice the way he will teeter on the severity of their lead suit. Lucky pickpocket will also stand out in the crowd. Cumbersome, lead-coated glove is absolute evidence; but without it being recognized by a frail, weak luminous hands. Society can even resurrect the ancient practice of chopping off a hand offender as a therapeutic measure (before it would kill him).

International assistance can be delivered by intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This is even some crazy utopian idea? Americans can accept or radioactive monetary standard? Perhaps we can. It should be better than watching how the green paper is close to its real value. The cost of manufacturing and printing of one-dollar bills, once had a one and a half cents, inexorably approaching one dollar. (If only we could count on the fact that it stop! But twenty print will cost the same amount ...)

At least radioactive money has intrinsic value. The fact that we call "radioactive waste", our descendants will be able to speak boldly, as "fuel". It is dangerous precisely because it undergoes fission ... because it brings energy. Unfortunately, the material does not stretch, "a thousand years". Six hundred years radioactive spent fuel will be nothing more than a rock, from which it is extracted.

Discharge of radioactive substances into the sea wasteful. We can guarantee that they will still be with us when the oil, coal and plutonium in the world run out - if you turn them into money today.

Larry Niven - the author of the science fiction novel "Ringworld", winner of the "Hugo┬╗.



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