Venice Biennale 2009 (The Venice Biennale)

June 7 opened the 53rd Venice Biennale (The Venice Biennale), one of the most famous forums of contemporary art in the world. The day before the opening of the exhibition is a distribution of prizes; "Golden Lion" for the best exposition received US pavilion, which displays works of conceptual art legend Bruce Nauman (Bruce Nauman). Another "Golden Lion", which is issued by the best artists, Tobias Rehberger went to German (Tobias Rehberger), drew up a coffee shop Exhibition Palace. The slogan of the exhibition this year, including the work of 90 artists from more than seventy countries around the world - "Making Worlds" (Making Worlds). The exhibition's curator Daniel Birnbaum (Daniel Birnbaum) explained his idea desire to show the diversity of the creative process. Many even the most exacting critics felt that the idea is implemented successfully.


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