CES 2015: What's New intelligent electronics for January 7,

Today at CES was presented even more interesting devices from the scope of wearable electronics, including Medgadgets identifies the top five:
  • Smart lamp Misfit Bolt;
  • Nabu X - inexpensive fitness bracelet from Razer;
  • Intel Curie - energy-efficient chip for portable devices;
  • An updated version of the infrared camera FLIR ONE;
  • Smart watch from Guess.
    Misfit Bolt - inexpensive smart-lamp of Misfit

    Misfit company produces not only a fitness bracelets. At CES was introduced smart lamp that is controlled remotely, for it is your own application (Android and iOS).

    The application allows you to control the brightness of the lamp, color, and if there is a desire, frequency of blinking (you never know, suddenly the party wants to do at home).

    You can configure as a single lamp, and the whole system. The owner can program the lamp to change the mode of operation for a day or for automatic on / off at the approach of man.

    Price Misfit Bolt is about $ 50 each and $ 130 for a set of three pieces.

    Nabu X - new bracelet from Razer

    Razer company actively engaged in the work on the new market of portable devices. Previously, the company has released Razer Nabu, and now - bracelet Razer X. Due to the fact that the bracelet no display, it was able to significantly reduce the price. So, for community members Razer Insider this device is worth 19, 99 dollars. And for ordinary mortals - 49, $ 99.

    Bracelet can alert you to incoming calls and messages on the smartphone, as well as to monitor the activity of training the owner. Inter alia, bracelet waterproof and can be immersed to a depth of 1 m (about 30 minutes).

    Intel Curie - a new hardware platform for smart electronics

    Intel introduced a new chip for smart electronics, including portable devices. The new chip is so small that it can be used in devices that do not exceed the size of a button. At the same time Intel Curie have Bluetooth-module and accelerometer.

    Configuration Intel Curie:
    • 80 KB RAM SRAM;
    • 384 KB internal memory;
    • 32-bit controller Intel Quark;
    • A motion sensor, accelerometer < /
    • The wireless module Bluetooth.
       The first deliveries will be made in the second half of 2015.

      The developers have improved the camera FLIR ONE

      Imager for a smartphone, an infrared camera FLIR ONE, improved razrabotchikami.Teper increased image resolution in the infrared spectrum, increased functionality of the device. In addition, it is possible to shoot time-lapse video and panoramic pictures.

      Guess Connect: hybrid mechanical watches class "luxury" and electronics

      Guess the company decided not to go on about the trends of modern times, when developers try to make electronic devices kind of mechanical watches. No, Guess added some smart-functions to the conventional mechanical watch. Clearly, this would not be possible without the use of electronics.

      In watches Guess Connect has a small display to display text notifications, and LED indicating various events. Developers should consider and wireless module Bluetooth, which connects the clock with a smartphone or tablet.

      There's even a microphone with a speaker, allowing the smartphone to give voice commands and listen to voice messages.

      Well, if the battery sits - it does not matter, mechanical watch will work in the future. Is there something you had in mind?
      Lamp Misfit Bolt;
      Bracelet Nabu X;
      Intel Curie;
      Update camera FLIR ONE;
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      Source: geektimes.ru/company/medgadgets/blog/243951/


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