The phenomenon of the sacred image in the Grand Bereznev

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All believers Transcarpathia and surrounding areas on the feet. In the village Great Bereznyi (Ukrainian: Great Bereznev) resonance event happened. On the paneled roofing iron wall of one of the shops of enterprises engaged in processing of wood, which is located almost in the center V.Bereznogo, most recently manifested holy image. Someone walked by night and happened to notice in the glare of lights, illuminating the street, the image of Jesus Christ, who was looking at him from the wall structure of the fence. Word for word - and away we go! Deeply religious, and just curious people from all over the Transcarpathian region and surrounding areas poured into these days bereznyanschinu. Today, having learned about the event from a deeply religious friends, I decided to go and join the Miracle. Bereznyansky friends called back to the question "how to find the object" and received a recommendation from the city center follow the crowds of people moving mainly in one direction. Pulled up, and accurately, a lot of people coming down somewhere. And fell in five minutes to reach the area in front of a manufacturing enterprise near the center, where people hung out seventy who looked somewhere over the fence and up.

Glancing at the wall woodworking shop I immediately realized that so attracts people's attention. On one of the roofing sheets adorned circuit, similar to the human head and shoulders. And, if you look closely and give free rein to the imagination, we can see the "eyebrows" and some elements of the human person. The "head" is a little tilted to the side. As if in full accordance with the canons of the church painting.

Who with the phones in the hands of anyone with cameras. Removed, whispering. Someone quietly watching myself, and someone in a religious trance falls. Drew attention to the old woman, apparently a long time then sticking around which people hang out. Walked, listened to what they mean. Involuntarily smile appeared on my face. Grandma zahleb told how even half a day ago, she, by God, saw the image of Christ near the little kaplychku. Moreover, the left hand of Christ has been raised in salute. At the same time she was very distressed that kaplychka and hand disappeared and now it can be taken for vrunihu. Here is a more enlarged fragment of the "image" without color correction. When I asked a few people in the crowd to show that I photographed, I brought them to the "image" for the entire screen is the camera and they are all as one, agreed that it is necessary to observe from afar. Then the image of the most recognizable becomes. I agree with them. What more is coming, the less you recognize facial features.

I made a few options proof "image". Black and white crop, color crop with high contrast, black and white high contrast crop + inverted. Maybe someone else has something to make out.

This is what happens if you increase the contrast of the fragment, and then it slightly "dilute".

Now reduce the fragment ... That's what the pictures on the small screen of mobile phones, providing maximum associative perception of the image, which adds to the viewer emotions.

Seeing standing in the distance a local policeman, I went up to him and talk. It just in case put here the authorities to control "as if something happens." Painfully zealously argue sometimes those who are "for", with the topic who are "against." The policeman told me that hundred-meter wall, roof closed "badge" new images are found almost every few hours. The crowd cries out, and if the image is really guessed, local guides are added to the list of inspection. Over the last half-day people with elevated levels of imagination saw the following "new images". In the photo below, one and all, see the Virgin Mary to talk to someone. I do not want to offend anyone, especially deeply religious people, but, forgive me, no Virgin Mary, I can not see.

In the photo below - a 100% crop photos in a way of "Virgin Mary." Consider who is interested more closely.

Part of the people hanging out at the opposite end of the building. Approached. I was shown another biblical image. Now on multiple sheets. Then Mary bent over the baby Jesus. At the same time, on the other hand of the Virgin Mary is also someone standing. Who is it, I have not answered.

I selected fragment and increased the contrast.

While I walked and ph feces, all the people coming and coming. In the square there were several hundred people. C was surprised to find a fresh crowd came to the rescue guide urban and regional traffic police. Virtually in its entirety. By the way, according to the district, yesterday was a peak attendance. There were so many people that it was impossible to squeeze through. I also learned that if in complete darkness shine on the image of a powerful flashlight, a picture of Jesus even better "manifest." Well, finally. What is the most important thing in any activities and events? Correctly. People. Below, a few angles, snatched from the crowd. One comment on the photos - "In contemplation of the miracle."



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