30 fascinating photos of migration of animals and insects

Wildebeest, Kenya

White ibis

Sparrows in Berlin, Germany

Sandhill Cranes, Nebraska, USA

Moorhens, Lake Balaton, Hungary

Monarch butterfly, Mexico City, Mexico

White pelicans, Mississippi

Japanese Cranes, Israel

Flamingo, Yucatan Peninsula

African buffalo

Crabs on Christmas Island

Stingrays, Baja, Mexico

Spawn in Taylor Creek, California, USA

Geese, Canada


Woodcocks, Canada

Locusts, Madagascar

Walruses Svalbard

Fireflies, Japan

Golden jellyfish Palau

Stingrays, Baja, Mexico

Japanese cranes over Hula lake, Israel

Antelope, Canada

Hippotragus, Namibia

Fruit bats, Zambia

Wildebeest in the Mara River, Serengeti,

Ladybugs are sent to the coast, Blokus, Denmark

Long-flies, the river Tisza, Hungary

Sharks, Fakarava

Monarch butterfly, Mexico


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