Designed fabric, transmitting biomedical data of the person

Canadian researchers created «smart fabric" that can monitor and transmit biomedical information, including blood glucose Blood and brain activity, wirelessly.

Material simultaneously performs the role of the sensor and antenna. Clothing may be woven from wool or cotton fibers using copper, polymers, glass and silver. It suggests that the signal quality in wireless networks 2, 4 GHz antenna is comparable with the commercial.

Material can monitor the level of glucose, heart rate, brain activity, as well as the owner of coordinates in space. Clothing withstand high loads in tension and bending, will continue to operate at a temperature of 350 ° C, bad weather and after cleaning detergents. That is a "smart" clothes can be safely washed in the machine.

Earlier this year, Cityzen Sciences announced the production of clothing fabric Smart Sensing own technology. In fabric clothing sewn sensors that measure such important for an athlete parameters as temperature, pulse, sweating intensity. These are broadcast on the user's smartphone.

Developers plan to build a battery that is charged during machine washing.

In Russia Forum "Open Innovation" this year introduced its own «smart" shirt . But it is not for the sport and for the elderly and for patients clinics - such clothing does not measure heart rate and electrocardiogram makes and transmits it to the real-time.



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