Which countries have lived without central heating

Every Briton heated "alone". No such thing as central heating, there is not. The houses and apartments are equipped with boilers - Individual gas water heaters, heat water and batteries. Depending on appetites and features a host, you can either freeze, saving on heating, or drown in full, warming up to the maximum of their batteries.
In the toilets and bathrooms batteries usually have - in winter the temperature therein does not exceed 10 degrees; in the bedroom, too, will not drown - sleeping in pajamas under a warm blanket. All night to drown - expensive. In the boiler installation face each hour is divided into 4 divisions to 15 minutes. You put the alarm clock at 7 am, and boiler programmiruesh at 6.45 to wake up in the heat; 8:30 go to work - the boiler is programmed to disconnect.
Heating - a few hours a day, very sparingly. And incredibly eco-friendly. British physiologists made table-guide: above 21 degrees - the temperature discomfort above 24 - the temperature, which increases the risk of heart attacks. The lower threshold of comfort - 18 degrees. From 16 to 18 - the temperature is normal, the risks are low, and this temperature is held at five million homes Kingdom. Companies supplying electricity and gas (this is a competitive market, and you can choose from whom to buy warm, about the same as you choose, at any gas station to fill the car), provide a list of tips on how to keep warm in winter. And one of them - to get a cat. Because the cat is warm and does not consume electricity.
The poor inhabitants of the Kingdom also somehow adapt and get out. Some go to get warm in the local library, where it is warm, comfortable and free internet.
Population provides tips on saving. For example, it is not recommended to run the washing machine "idle" - have to wait until the tank is full of dirty laundry to the eyeballs. Advised to wash in cold water, it is useful for the laundry than hot water. Turn off the computer when it is idle without work. Do not leave on charge mobile phone on all night. Use energy saving light bulbs. Take short showers instead of long bath.

Central heating system is only in Hokkaido - the coldest part of the country. The rest of the population of Japan warms themselves. Most modern homes in Japan is heated by electric air conditioners (summer / winter) and different types of heaters: electric, oil, kerosene or gas.
In cold weather, wear warm light Japanese pajamas, in the material which contains special fibers that retain heat very well, or use over an ordinary electric blankets.
Very popular in Japan, electric carpets. This carpet resembles an electric blanket. The user can adjust the heating temperature. You can heat the only part of the carpet, where, for example, you are sitting.
Another attribute of the Japanese culture, which is traditionally used for heating is the kotatsu. He is in every Japanese home. Modern kotatsu is a table with a heating element mounted under the hood. Kotatsu existed in ancient Japan, although in those days it was called, and looked a bit different.
Around the kotatsu tradition the whole family, not only for dinner but also for interviews, joint board games, watching TV. Kotatsu unites the whole family, young and old, emphasizes family togetherness and the warmth of relations. Gathered under the blanket, the kids literally learn to "not drag the blanket over himself." By the way, in Japanese schools do not have heating. In recreation areas is a local heating, where children can change to warm their hands.


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