Opel fell through the ground in Dzerzhinsk

A strange incident occurred in the center of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. A foreign car, selling ground,
almost completely gone underground. This was announced by Department of Public Relations of
"Nizhny Novgorod Utility Systems».
The failure was formed in the parking lot near the central department store. The owner of the car Opel,
which at that time was in the car, recalls that felt,
though the car down the wheel. Machine at this time to go underground.
By the arrival of machines spetssluzhd, the car turned out to be almost completeness underground,
and had to get a tow truck using.
Employees of public services explain why the accident that in the area of ​​the parking
hydraulic tests were carried out on a dilapidated pipeline in preparation of utilities for the winter period.


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