Alta. Fishing in Norway

Alta, the name of the river canyon.

55 photo.

At the entrance to the town of Alta river becomes less mountainous

Norwegian village on the shore of the fjord

But the little cable-stayed bridge. I do not understand how, but Norway managed to build this bridge and 4 (!!!) tunnel for 2, 5 years.

Another Norwegian village

We drive on the highway E6, it goes right up to the North Cape Oslo, about 2000 km vdolmorya, fjords ...

A look back at the next fjord, went to the pass

Entry into Oksfordtunnel length 4252 m. This hole was dug for the population of about 5-6 thousand people ...

Arrived in Oksford. While waiting for the ferry to enjoy the views. Such an Norwegian pastoral :)

And here is the ferry arrived, we loaded conductive.

While we go sailing ... ... ugh, we go on the ferry around the kinds of very personal

Here we are, now 32 km to the house. On the way there is a picturesque small beach and a swim would

Fees were short-lived, went Okushko catch

For from it, with a depth of 250 meters commercials

Another garland

Okromya perch catches and minёk, to the delight of the gulls. Photographed and thrown overboard, let the birds will eat

Some amount Okushko

Half the catch of the day in the form of gutting

Unknown crap, found close to home. Some of the giant slug length centimeters 10.

Barges full of mullet ... :)

Sat down on a cloud hill

And here is the first paltusenok

Catfish. P-Rashnu but tasty fried and goryachekopchenom form

Three Graces

Fish there should not only catch, but gut and remove the fillet. Fish Processing in the sweat

Comrade dare to dive with ruzhishkom, flounder nastrelyal

Another crab dragged

Photoshoot with krabikom

And mussels ogromednyh nakovyryat I such for the first time ate, with a half-shell knuckle

Waste from cleaning fish exported to the sea gulls pirduha occurs, in the sense of the spirit of the feast

That caught cod, decent copy for late summer / autumn. In the spring it Pobol size of the sea gets

Another view

Sunset ... romance ... gulls sit ... fish offal wait ...

Well where do without a photo of sunset at sea. Inexhaustible theme :)

In black-black boat ride black-black people

This Side. The fish is strong and tasty. Norwegians are very appreciate it just boiled.

The fog creeps down the hills to the sea

Came home, but he still creeps

All crawled

Fishing ended, went home. That in such cages harmful artificial salmon conclusion nonecha inaccessible to us, and of the figs with him.

Reindeer. Splendidly irrational and unpredictable animal. Envy from afar - should slow down almost to a stop, for him to throw himself under the wheels - the grain you

Yacht for some reason, dragged to the road :)

Again highway E6

On the way into the race rested Arctic Race, on lisapetah. These bikes route designated

Another label

The last "sorry" Sea and the fjords

Another recent "Forgive» :)

Anything left in the mountains, almost to the clouds, in the Finnish tundra. Whereupon I finish my dried up, all thanks! :)


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