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Actress Monique, barely lifting the hem of her dress,
shocked the audience present at the "Golden Globes».

Girl - neither more nor less - got "Golden Globe" for Best Supporting Actress. But now all the world's media wrote only about her lower extremities.

Monique, yumoristka and TV, but still little-known actress, walked with his film "Precious" celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Julianne Moore.

By the way, my legs Monique, mother of two children and quite happily married woman (her husband on the first photo), does not shave because it does not see the point. "Every morning, spend time on it, and then, if cut yourself walking with a plaster on his knee as a child? No, thank you "- she said in 2006. But the armpits and other places she shaves - "to avoid unpleasant odor».


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