The official premiere of Quant e-Sportlimousine

This car, as a concept, was shown in the spring auto show in Geneva, Switzerland. A few days ago, Quant e-Sportlimousine already been presented as a fully working version and safely in Munich approved for use on roads.

At the heart of Quant e-Sportlimousine is monocoque carbon fibers from different. Electric four sports car stands out, especially the door, which is called "gull-wing". Second, innovative technology using four electric motors, one for each wheel. Power is supplied through technology nanoFLOWcell, NASA developed specifically for one of the many space programs. Thanks to her, on a single charge, Quant e-Sportlimousine able to overcome the distance of 600 kilometers, and thanks to 912-horsepower engine, can accelerate to 100 km / h in 2, 8 seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed hypercar is 380 km / h.


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