In the Krasnoyarsk region at the expense of the student, saved drowning girls

19-year-old Valeria took the water between the two neighboring girls, 9-year-old Angelina and 12 year old Eugene. Suddenly Angelina and Jack were at a depth of - they threw over a small rolling. Spun, dragged steep funnel-flow to the bottom ...
Some of the girls managed to shout: "Help!". Other children frightened huddled together on the beach - but what could they do? Sasha was among them best swimmer. He jumped into the water.
 - Sasha one girl threw on a shallow spot, and, as they say, she kicked him. He began to choke, but still pushed the other girl - told then the children.
The cries ran adults. Helped to shore rescued Valerie, Angelina and wife. One man ducked behind Sasha. The boy got 15 minutes, trying to pump out, but it was too late.




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