Star Wars: The celebrities who hate each other

Stars - real people and nothing human is alien to them. Including such vices as anger, envy, lack of restraint or aggression. Your attention - a list of the most notorious war.

Elton John vs Madonna

This scandal did not hear that on another planet. The war between Madonna and Elton John began after many years of friendship. The true details of their quarrel press are unknown, but a public scandal began after a loud statement Elton John about his ex-girlfriend. Musician, commenting on Madonna's show, said: "What a nightmare? Excuse me, but her career came to an end. Her tour - a big disaster! "At this, Sir John did not stop there. Madonna had the imprudence to criticize Lady Gaga, Elton John to baptize his son. He offended godfather for that Madge had called "fair stripper┬╗.

"If Madonna was at least some common sense, it would have recorded an album such as Ray Of Light, would be sustained away from all these dances, and just would be great pop singer and released to great pop albums that she nice turns - said Sir Elton John. - But no, she had to go and prove ... she looks like a fucking fairground stripper! ┬╗
Although about dresses singer Elton many may disagree, his words were so harsh that Madonna offended by a few years. And then suddenly he told that John asked her forgiveness for such nedzhentlmenskoe statement. "And I forgave him," - added Madge.

Alec Baldwin Kim Basinger vs

Hollywood stars met in 1990 while filming "The Marrying Man" legalized their relationship and lived together for almost 11 years. During this time, the couple had a daughter, Island, but Kim managed to become the winner of the award "Oscar". In 2001 the actors broke up a year later officially divorced "because of insurmountable differences", the main of which were diametrically opposed views on the education of her daughter.

Alec thought that a girl has to grow under his supervision, so Kim should move to New York (Baldwin hates California). Basinger also choose to live in Los Angeles, where all the important film studios and producers. In other words, the Island was not the happy childhood she lived in two houses, and every meeting her parents turned into a scene from a movie where former lovers recognize each other in hatred. However, from 2007, Mom and Dad have to communicate only through lawyers. And all because of the message left by Alec on the phone to her daughter: "I do not care that you're still a child, or that your mother, bleeding hemorrhoids in my ass, does not care about what you're doing. You made me feel like shit. " Multiple winner of the "Golden Globe" called the police and said that such a tone of communication with your teen is not allowed, Basinger also prohibits journalists are now even remember the name of her former husband.

Chelsea Handler vs Angelina Jolie

TV presenter and comedienne Chelsea Handler can not stand one of the most recognized women in the world and, therefore, already in 2001 humiliated her in full. Start with the fact that Chelsea shocked by the fact that after the Oscar ceremony in 2000, received the award for the film "Girl, Interrupted", Jolie began passionately kissing brother in front of astonished journalists: "Personally, I would not look at it!" In the the second is it doubts the sincerity of acts Angie: "It can travel the world and collect the children, but, in my opinion, this is just ridiculous. And she says that she does not have friends - it's because it is ... ".

Finally, it happened that Chelsea is the best friend Jennifer Aniston - a woman, for which Jolie threw lawful husband Brad Pitt. "Yes, it simply breaks the family, but I do not say this in order to support Jane, but because the way it is," - he said in a television interview handler in the spring of 2011.

Christina Aguilera vs Kelly Osbourne

The history of the conflict and Christina Kelly goes back to the early 2000s - while the girls are not just respected each other, but also attended the same party. Everything changed after Kelly accidentally discovered that Christina laughs at her weight - not alone, but in the company of people who work in the media. Demanding a public apology for inappropriate jokes and not receiving it, Osborn was holding a grudge, and waited for the right moment to publicly humiliate the friend of the former. He arrived in the summer of 2011, when recently given birth and gained weight Aguilera appeared not the most elegant dress in the TV show "Fashion Police". "This bitch so blown - no words! Once she thought I was thick, but now I can say with confidence: go to hell, Christine - you own fat! "- Kelly happily announced to the whole of America.

Courtney Love vs Dave Grohl

Participants grunge trio Nirvana Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl has never had a special sympathy for the wife of frontman Kurt Cobain. However, after the suicide of a musician wariness turned into a real aversion - it became known that all rights to the musical heritage of Nirvana belong to Love. Novoselic gentleman holding back and holding back their emotions, but Grohl is not always possible. More precisely, he tried not to discuss Courtney with the press, but in 2007, after returning from another narkokliniki of "The Merry Widow" said that is not going to issue early recordings Nirvana, Grohl and patience snapped. "There are people who make me endless feelings of anger, and most of all - Courtney" - he said in an interview with The Guardian.

Years later, Courtney decided to put an old friend back low blow: she suggested that Grohl in love with her daughter, Frances Bean (from Cobain), which is under 24 years of Dave. The girl's mother's imagination caused a shock: Frances Bean personally had to refute this information. Grohl also said that Love lost the remnants of self-esteem. However, over the years, people change for the better: a few days ago the press reported that the blond is going to forget the wrongs of the past and calls Dave cease hostilities. It seems that the woman who is about to exchange the sixth decade now feels one hundred percent Buddhist.

Nicki Minaj vs Mariah Carey

Due to the difficult relations Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj creators of the show American Idol even had to suspend shooting. Singers, both consisting of the jury of the program, hate each other so that the senses can not hold back, even before the camera is turned on. Fortunately, to fight the situation is not reached, but the screams and mutual insults have taken place. Minaj constantly disagreed with the opinion of Cary, interrupted her and argued. Of course, the respectful tone there was no question. "I will not put up with her fucking highness!" - Once said Nicky.

Mariah, in turn, in the heat of anger clearly stated in the address of Nicki Minaj: "I will have to get you kicked out of here!" But in the end of the show "kicked out" no one Nicky, and two beautiful ladies, advised them to sort things out somewhere else location.

And finally, our samovars. Joseph Prigogine vs Ksenia Sobchak

Xenia Sobchak many enemies because of her sharp tongue, but the most "fresh" and most unpleasant altercation occurred in presenter with producer Joseph Prigogine. It all started with the fact that in his blog criticized the awarding of Xenia singer Valeria title "People's Artist". Valeria herself to engage in polemics with such dangerous lady as Sobchak did not, and it is not easy shifted on the shoulders of her husband Joseph Prigogine.

Producer seems beside himself in earnest. In an interview, speaking of Ksenia Sobchak, Prigogine clearly crossed the line: "Her happiness is what we have President Putin, and, for example, I did not. I would have destroyed it. Would destroy even a stone was left, because such people should not be with us in the community! "After these sayings Xenia had no choice but to ironic to note that Prigogine very touching standing up for his wife. Like, here it is the power of love!


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