In Japan, a festival of crying children (15 photos)

Tokyo hosted the traditional festival of crying children, writes The Daily Mail. The event was attended by more than 80 kids.
As part of this festival is a competition, which involves sumo wrestlers holding on hands of small children.
Sumoists with children go to the judges in twos and stand opposite each other.
The meaning of the competition is to as quickly as possible to get the baby to cry.
Anyone whose child begins to cry first is declared the winner of the pair. If children cry at the same time,
then the winner is the child who cries louder your opponent.
In that case, if the child fails to bring tears to judge the competition puts a terrible mask and begins to tease the baby.
Crying children festival held in Japan for 400 years. During the competition, trying to raise the child as high as possible - it is believed,
that is able to scare a child crying evil spirits. In addition, Japanese parents believe that participation in the festival crying helps kids grow up healthy.


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