California watermelon snow

Close your eyes, dial into the hands of the pure snow, press it to his lips, and you will feel the structure of watermelon.
Now, breathe deeply, and you smell watermelon. Now we can open your eyes ...

If you're currently in the Sierra Nevada in California (USA), and then you will see the hands of a real watermelon snow, having not only the structure and smell, but also the color and even the taste of watermelon! Here, at an altitude of three thousand meters there is a unique miracle of nature.

Over the millennia, this mystery of watermelon snow (watermelon snow) surprised scientists around the world. Even in the treatises on the nature of Aristotle was marked by this natural phenomenon. It draws on the snow slopes of the local mountains climbers from around the world. Vast expanses of pink snow opened by the end of spring. And the mystery, as many might have guessed, is in the microscopic algae called Chlamydomonas nivalis. Every inch of snow contains millions of microscopic particles, the depth of which can reach 25 centimeters.

Locals sometimes even eat the snow, so as to distinguish it from watermelon, watermelon ice cream or rather, can be very difficult. However, some of these algae are poisonous. Not fatal, but welcome them inside can lead to diarrhea, pink ... :)

In general, the algae themselves in nature - green. Pink color they receive only for protection against the strong ultraviolet spring, which melts the snow cover, under which hide the whole year and algae.


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