Dispelling myths Denies

1. Well-known precious mineral diamond is not always formed of compacted coal. Most diamond deposits are at depths of more than a hundred and fifty kilometers, while coal deposits - to a depth of about three kilometers.

2. "blind as a bat" - not quite right, or rather, is not the right expression. While many bats use echolocation for orientation in space, all they can see.

3. Puansetiya will not kill you or your pet, although it has still not worth it. Use colors puansetii inward may cause mild discomfort and digestive problems.

4. If you throw with the Empire State Building odnotsentovyh coin directly to the person, it would not kill him. Penny will fall at a speed of 80 km / hour, which is fast enough to kill.

5. Blondes and redheads not "die out." Genes do not die. Recessive genes such as genes of red or blond hair, can be transmitted from generation to generation, not appearing in the form of hair color.

6. The hair and nails do not continue to grow after death. Rather, the skin shrinks and ssushivaetsya, because of what side it seems that hair and nails continue to grow.

7. Determination of the color of snot nature colds is fundamentally not true. And bacterial and viral disease can stain mucus from the nose in color from transparent yellow to deep green.

8. Clean water is not too good conductor of electricity. The reason that one can get an electric shock through the water, is that the minerals are water, dirt and other substances that conduct electricity.

9. Frogs and toads are not "gift" your wart, but if you shake hands with the man with the warts, they can become infected. The human papillomavirus - that's what causes warts, and it is unique to humans.

10. Ostriches do not put their head in the sand in case of danger. They do not bury their heads in the sand. In case of danger, ostriches fall to the ground and play dead.

11. With a lack of blood oxygen becomes not blue, and dark almost burgundy. Vienna prosvechivayas through the skin just seem blue.

12. The use of sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children and excitement. While several studies children were given drinks with and without sugar, but it did not affect the level of arousal.

13. Put an egg on the "head" can be any day of the year, not just on the day of the spring solstice. It only takes a sure hand and an egg shell with a texture.

14. crunching his knuckles - yes, it can be annoying to your colleagues in the office, but no, it will not lead to arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs for other reasons - age, trauma, obesity and genetic factors.

15. Organic food also contains pesticides. However, their content in the products of organic and inorganic origin is so small that is not a threat.

16. Stress does not play a big role in chronic high blood pressure. Acute stress can temporarily increase blood pressure, but in general this is not the main cause of hypertension. Things like genetics, smoking and poor diet may be the main factors.

17. lightning strikes twice in the same place. In some places, such as in the Empire State Building, lightning strikes up to 100 times a year.

18. lemmings do not commit mass suicide. During their migration, they sometimes fall from the cliff if the fall in the unfamiliar territory.

19. Man is not born with all the brain cells, some of them appear in their lifetime. There is evidence that at least some parts of the brain continue to produce new cells in the adult life. This is called neurogenesis.

20. Many would call this dinosaur Brontosaurus - not even Michael Crichton did it in the movie "Jurassic Park." However, he actually called Apatosaurus. This gave rise to the myth of the two warring paleontologist at the time of the Bone Wars 130 years ago.

21. A gene is not equal to one protein. Many genes can produce many different proteins, depending on how the messenger RNA of the gene sequence formed in and distributed in the cell. Some genes do not make proteins.

22. Do goldfish good memory. They can remember certain events for a few months, not seconds, as many people think.

23. HIV is not transmitted to humans through sexual contact between man and ape, as many people think. Most likely it was a contact through the blood - for a very long time primates hunted for their meat.

24. Dogs and cats can not see in shades of gray. They can distinguish between blue and green. Dogs have a wider field of view than that of humans, but they can not see straight ahead as far as we have.

25. People do not use "only 10% of his brain." We will use the whole brain for different purposes at different times. We could not survive if 90% of the brain is not used.

26. Only a very small percentage of people with Tourette's syndrome shout swear words. The syndrome involves a lot more symptoms - such as involuntary movements and various phonic tics. Impulsive pronunciation swear words called coprolalia.

27. At the dawn of the Middle Ages almost all scientists believed that the Earth was round and not flat. The myth of such ignorance of medieval scholars began in the 1940s, and the beginning of it put the members of the British Historical Association.

28. Sharks also get cancer, their cartilage and not able to help in the fight against cancer. Breaking news about the miraculous properties of shark cartilage William Lane told the world. By the way, he also was the seller of the "megaeffektivnogo anti-cancer agent."

29. The northern hemisphere is not closer to the sun in summer. In contrast, the winter Earth (early January) approaches the Sun at a distance of 147 million km, and in the summer (in early July) is removed from it by 152 million km. In the summer in the northern hemisphere is warmer because the Earth is tilted toward the Sun at an angle so that its energy is directed at him directly.

30. The Great Wall of China - is not the only man-made structure visible from space. Everything depends on your concept of space. For example, the moon can be seen only the lights of big cities.

31. There is no such thing as a "photographic memory." There is only a very good memory. Even people with an exceptional memory does not remember events from enough visual detail in order to simulate the camera.

32. Microwave radiation does not cause cancer. Microwave simply heats the food. Only some types of radiation cause cancer, and it all depends on the dose: solar radiation can lead to skin cancer, but the correct dosage amount helps our body produce vitamin D.

33. The fact that the burgers from McDonald's will not rot - just a myth. When the "right" conditions - for example, a sufficient amount of water and heat - to create conditions in which microbes digested food.

34. When you shave the hair, they become thicker, they just seem to be tougher for some time. That's because the tips of the bristles are no longer tapered due to the cutoff.

35. digesting the gum does not go seven years. In fact, it is completely digested, but our body normally it passes within a few hours.

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