Unusual facts about Japan in pictures (22 photos)

In all the northern cities of Japan, where winter snows, heated sidewalks and streets. Of ice does not happen, and snow clean up is not necessary. Very convenient! At the same time in Japan there is no central heating. Each apartment heats as can: oil heaters, stoves, kerosene and gas.
Now Japan's winter, so the miracle-sidewalks we have not experienced, but desperately believe local =)

... That does not prevent them from doing this money. In Japan, all are able to make money from nichego.Tut quickly appears and runs the fashion for anything. For example, in a chameleon or a panda, then all things are sold with their image in time. Or isoflavones beans. Boom usually lasts no longer than a year, can not be explained, and after 3 years is remembered with difficulty, but money is made giant.

This uncle, for example, advertises ... popcorn. Recently, a movie on TV advertising of popcorn. So these popcorn now has enormous queue. You are reading my post, and people in line for popcorn.

In Japan, no guest workers. This is achieved by a simple law: the minimum wage, which is allowed to hire foreign workers in Japan, more than the average salary of the labor Japanese. Thus, the employer more profitable to hire Japanese than the foreigner.

Instead of the signature in Japan put monikers printing, Hanko. This seal is present in every Japanese, and it is used many times a day. And you can buy in any store. It looks like this.

Go ahead

And it's very unusual and cool. It is believed that as long as the customer pays for the service assigned to the price, it remains with the seller on an equal footing. If the customer tries to leave extra money, he thereby devalues ​​provides the service or product, relegating to an equal exchange for handouts.
By the way, in Japan fantastically polite service, after the local, the entire staff anywhere in the world seems hamlivym.

Japanese consists of several levels of politeness: Elementary, respectful, polite and very courteous. Almost every conversation begins with the words "Sumimasen" - I'm sorry, or "Arigato gayzamas" - "Thank respectful" - well in advance, as it were, for what you spend your time. When I told some common phrases or words in Japanese, to do with me getting more polite.

Fuji and the truth is privately owned and is owned by the Great Temple Shinto Hongu Sengen, which holds the deed of gift from the Shogun, dating from the 1609 year. And we, too, Fuji seen only in the fog. But yes, beauty.

Well, like a lot, it's just such a training. On itself has not experienced, but deducted in one of the forums here: "If the Japanese went to Amsterdam, where a smoke and saw it the other Japanese and banged it, then first go to jail." Everything is clear, in my opinion =)

The Japanese, especially young people, it is not parted with mobile phones. Here can on the platform waiting for the train to stand 15 people, 13 of them will stick to their mobile. I'm not lying, thought.

Even in cold weather, autumn, winter or spring, schoolgirls are forbidden to wear pantyhose, stockings only, provided school uniforms. Shaped skirts vary in length depending on age: the older the pupil, the shorter the skirt.

The first service is always men. The restaurant leaves a man first order, and he was the first bring a drink. The shops are always greeted with a man first.

The Japanese are very shy and easily embarrassed. The Japanese can not say "I love you" in the face of the object of love. Such words in the language is simply no! Those who can cause wild respect from others.
This is more true today for the older generation, but - when the Japanese make a bid that is normal to say something like "could you cook the soup to me?" Or "can you wash my underwear?", Because otherwise they are shy.

in Japan, as elsewhere in the world, full of Chinese consumer goods.

Few people know that the word "wool", "Pollock" and "iwashi" borrowed from the Japanese. But about a "tsunami" and "typhoon" heard it all.
The Japanese also have borrowed from Russian. The words "Ikura" (caviar) and "Norum" (normal). There is still a funny expression "woo people" (the people), it got from Alexander II.

Such cases. Tired? Japanese man offers you smile!

At this until all other interesting will come later, the author went on a shopping



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