& Quot; How much does your wardrobe right now? & Quot; - Draft unknown Americans

An interesting project that caught the eye by accident. Post to get more personal than informative.

In America, a group of volunteers decided to take pictures of people with signs that say, how much is all that they are currently wearing. Very interesting idea. It seems there is an opinion, "Know yourself the price, but do not call it." On the other hand - both at once clearly felt, how much do you evaluate yourself.

Although. I personally know of two girls. One buys only things in boutiques. And the second - mostly in the second and on sales, and auctions. They look the same. Well, maybe different shoes, it is talking too.

Considered on a wave of emotion as the moment is my appearance (on the socks and to earrings). It turned out 850 dollars. I am at home now. And how now "stand" are you?


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