As the Holi in Mumbai

Holly is considered one of the most interesting and colorful festivals of the world. He came to us from the sun of India, where it symbolizes the arrival of spring. Locals on holiday fall into childhood, pour water and passers showered each other with colored inks. Our present author - Dmitry went to the heart of India, Mumbai and saw everything with my own eyes.

Later in the afternoon, on the eve of the festival in the streets began to appear numerous little shops with colored paint for Holi. The small bag costs just 20 rupees, we about 10 rubles.

The Indians are beginning to celebrate Holi in the early morning. I met them at once, leaving the hotel.

Holi - a favorite holiday of local children.

Half an hour later I meet a group of foreign students who, like me, came to Mumbai specifically to participate in the festival.

Everyone he met along the way - a great, festive mood! children asked Michael colored powder and then painted it to them.

The Indians have fun, including loud music in the street.

Joyful Indians with paint on his face, approach people with the phrase "Happy Holy", sprinkle them with colored powder.

Indians love to be photographed with tourists, even when the picture taken and then they never see.

We reserve all of our cheerful company at the famous restaurant "Leopold".

Together with photographer John go into the central part of Mumbai.

On the beach a lot of people Girgaum Chowpatty. The water is very dirty, but today very much willing to take a dip. Police banned painted directly on the beach, so people come already painted.

The beach is also a lot of children. Children, in addition to bags of paint, took up "arms" - water pistols filled with colored water

Locals very positively greeted us with Johnny.

Despite the fact that Holly used a little more than a dozen colors of paint in the end face and clothes covered mostly scarlet tones.

We go through the narrow streets of Mumbai, which comes every five minutes the company. celebrating Holi.

Father with family and friends on holiday

Indians pose, tossing the powder up.

Johnny asks the child to pose for staged shots.

On cars and motorbikes constantly meet Indians with painted faces.

For those who did not have enough ink - cell tray.

We learn where the "epicenter" of celebrating

The Indians have fun loud music.

Bananas - a great way to quickly snack

Photos Johnny memory

Evening. Here Holi came to an end. You're a lot of positive memories and emotions. Happy Holy!



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