25 words that are not in Russian.

Russian - an incredible language, because it can be a couple of words to express a lot of things and emotions. Still, in other languages ​​of the world is an expression to describe that in Russian is impossible without a long and lengthy explanations.
Your attention to 25 words that are not in Russian, but they would come in handy.

1. Areodyarekput (Inupiaq, one of the languages ​​of the Inuit) - exchange wives for a few days.
2. Bakkushan (Japanese) - a girl who looks back smartly, but it turns ugly front.
3. Shemomedzhamo (Georgia) - is that the food is so tasty and it is impossible to stop. In Georgia, it means: "I accidentally ate it all»
4. Ilunga (Luba, one of the languages ​​of the Congo) - a person who is easy to forgive an insult for the first time, with a creak in the second and forgives absolutely never forgives the third.
5. Karel (Tulu, one of the languages ​​of India) - strip the skin left too tight clothing or elastic from his underpants.
7. Tsudoku (Japanese) - buy the book, but not to read it until the end.
8. Palegg (Norwegian) - the name of the sandwich, which is made of "all that was found in the fridge».
9. bucket (Slovenian) - shelter from the rain and wait for him to go on quietly.
10. Kayakumama (Japanese) - mother, who relentlessly pushes her children to progress
11. Pelinti (language of the Republic of Ghana) - is that you dig into a delicious piece of something, and he is hot. Spit it out indecent. Here you opened your mouth, say something unintelligible. In Ghana, for this there is a word that describes it all.
12. Layogenik (language about. Java) - a word which describes a person who is very dear to you when he is somewhere far away, and when there is absolutely indifferent.
13. Kualunkuizmo (Italian) - the state, when you are so tired of what is going on in politics and society that you have no matter to what.
14. Mahzh (Persian) - look great after diseases.
15. Murrma (vagimansky, one of the languages ​​of the Australian Aborigines) - grope for something at the bottom of their feet, standing in water.
16. Rhve (language of Tonga, South Africa) - word for sleep n * Jan able clothing on the floor
17. lag (Swedish) - a condition when the "not too much and not too little, but a pinch of something is not enough».
18. Nilentik (Indonesian) - click someone the finger in the ear.
19. Panapoo (Hawaiian) - scratching your head, thinking anything.
20. Sendula (Lund, one of the languages ​​of Zambia) - stumble in the woods on a dead animal and smeknut that a lion or a leopard, perhaps somewhere else nearby.
21. Uitvaayen (Dutch) - a short time to leave the city and go to the village to being in nature and breathe fresh air.
22. Ulikkesbilen (Danish) - a car that always gets into an accident or breaks down.
23. Vibafnout (Czech) - Unsuccessful attempt to scare you, jumping out from behind a corner
24. Boketti (Japanese) - The act of senseless and prolonged looking into the distance.
25. Iktsuarpok (Inuit) - The word means a sense of expectation and excitement easy when you're all prepared at home and wait for a guest or guests, and they do not go.

 - Source: www.adme.ru


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