Ned - the kitten, who is friends with ferrets

In June Mallory Gaudet picked up on the streets of a small red kitten and took him home. The girl is very worried that the baby will not be able to get along with her two other pets - ferrets and they will hurt his feelings. But it turned out that the new member of the family, who was named Ned, very quickly got used to this neighborhood. Moreover - the three became good friends.

The boys play together, eat and sleep. But the most touching sight - this is when Ned washes ferrets. Interspecies friendship and inter-clan of animals - a rare phenomenon. But ginger kitten and two of his companions break all the stereotypes.

41 photo, via MOBBI.

1. Who is this ?!

2. They love to play?

3. How do they taste?

4. They love obnimashki?

5. Well, when you have a friend on the bed.

6. joint pranks.



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