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(Rafflesia; lndon. Bunga patma - lotus flower), cadaveric lily genus of plants of the family rafflesiaceae. There are on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan. Among the most famous Arnoldi R. and R. Tuan muda, having the largest flower in the plant kingdom (diameter of 60 cm to 1 m). His
name given in honor of TS Raffles and naturalist J. Arnoldi, who found and described in the south-western part of Sumatra is the "greatest
miracle "of the plant world.
Rafflesia, unusual rastenie.U it has no roots, no green leaves, which went to the photosynthesis process .... dd22d49912.jpg


Flower parasite on the vines of the genus tsissus he produces thread,
similar to the mycelium, which penetrate into the tissues of the host plant is not
bringing him any harm ...



Rafflesia seeds are tiny, no more poppy grain. How do they take root in the hardwood host of Mystery ...



We only know that after the seed falls on the vine, bark it
He begins to swell, forming a kind of kidney, which is formed from
bud, maturing about nine months ...


Brick-red flower blooms on the ground at a very
a short time - just 3 - 4 days; They have the odor and appearance of rotting
meat, what attracts pollinators - dung flies. From the ovary during
7 months developing fetus, containing thousands of seeds ...




Rafflesia first discovered on the island of Sumatra. The officer Stamford Raffles
and botanist Joseph Arnold made the first scientific description of the plant and
ego.V measured across the flower was about a meter and a weight of the whole plant
It was more than 6 kilograms. Discoverers named it quite
sonorous name - Rafflesia Arnoldi. But the locals were well
aware of the existence of Rafflesia, and a long time ago called it
in svoemu- & quot; Bunga Patma & quot ;, which means & quot; Lotus Flower & quot ;. Rafleziya
Arnoldi relate to higher plants and is one of
heterotrophic, ie, parasitic organisms that feed on ready
organic substances, but the life of a unique plant in detail
still has not been studied.


Flower Rafflezii- the largest in the world. Instances reaching a
diameter of 70-90 cm are considered medium. Known
Flower-record holder, the diameter of which was 106, 7 centimeters. The flower
Rafflesia five thick, fleshy petals covered with pale
warty spots. Petal thickness is an average of three and the length 46


After a short period of flowering Rafflesia for several
Weeks splits, turning into a hideous shapeless mass
black ...




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