Syntol. History of creation

A few years ago you could hardly find how some details about synthol in ruskoyazychnyh media. It almost was not. Now only the lazy have not heard about this - so many papers ... Although they are essentially clones small transferable little articles that appeared in "Muscle & Fitness" for May 2001, and we must pay tribute, has contributed to the spread of this shit with us. However, it has been particularly active this theme became obsuzhdatsya on various sites and forums is in the last year. And I must say pleased that straights and users of steroids in the majority agree that the use of synthol - the prerogative of the head of seriously ill people do not have the sport in any way. And now in order.

History of creation.

So it is assumed that the conversation about creating synthol
begin by mentioning esiclene. Let me remind you that this drug has received
huge popularity back in the 80s, has an extremely low
anabolic activity, but intramuscular injections has
the property to cause a strong inflammatory response, the consequence of which
is swelling and consequently short (about 24 hours)
increase the volume of muscle. These properties and caused widespread
Use esiclene competing bodybuilders. At the same time
prompted the German chemist amateur Chris Clark on the idea that
It would be nice to create a similar long-acting drug.
Resulting in the early '90s he Syntol composition - like the name
one of the most powerful nuclear fusion technology. However, this name
appeared already patented, so it was invented new - «Pump'N'Pose» (rock and posing). Under this brand name drug is now
sold around the world.
One of the first users was
synthol German strongman Klaus Doring, calling himself "the owner of the
big hands in the world "in the size of 27 inches (this umolishёnnogo You
to see). At the end of the article in the cabinet of curiosities, and you will realize that now in this
There is nothing unusual. A couple of inches using synthol - a common occurrence. Yes
kolyat and it is now not only in the biceps and triceps, but also igronozhnye,
quadriceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles.

Clark found the true gold mine (for themselves
of course), as provided an opportunity for thousands of people ready
to do anything for MASS virtually trouble-free method that does not
abhor any amateurs or pros. $ 400 - this is the price of a bottle synthol,
which is banned for use in the "intended use" all
federations and committees, but sold throughout the world as oil
What synthol?
Synthol 85% consists of C8 fatty acids
(MCT- Medium Chain Triglycerides - Triglycerides medium length
chain), some amounts of C10 and C12 fatty acids, 7, 5% lidocaine
(local anesthetic), 7, 5% of benzyl alcohol. In simple terms it
oil (fat) with some Analgesic substances. The drug is injected
deep in the muscle, which is deposited between the bundles of muscle fibers. When
repeated injections, the amount of oil in the muscle grows, increasing its size,
just as the balloon expands when filled with air.
About 30% of the drug is metabolized by the body. The remaining 70% are
in the muscles, where it persists for more than 3-5 years and are subject to
very slow decay. Regarding the duration of synthol
There is a lot of debate, but for the most part, they are reduced to
that synthol delayed muscle at a much longer period than
it was stated - at least 8 years.
As used synthol? "Injections are made thin
needle to a depth of one-quarter inch. During the first 20 days
daily 1 ml. Even 10 days - 2 ml. Then 3 ml daily until
muscle will increase its volume. When growth stops in
within 30 days, 1 ml daily. Another 30 days - 1 ml twice daily.
Then 1 ml per week for one month. Only after passing
such a course of growth in the volume muscle becomes permanent, and the muscle is not
decreases. After 4 months course it is necessary to repeat once again: it is possible,
will achieve the addition of a new volume (although the odds are not so great,
about 50 to 50). " From the point of view of medicine is very similar
obsessions schizophrenia. Just imagine - a minimum of 275 ml in one arm, at least 250 injections into one muscle!
Training users synthol.
Probably many have heard about what training
synthol use (do not dare call them athletes)
become extraordinary completeness, becoming "a truly heavy." That and
thing to read about the "extraordinary pampa", that hands after one
approach in any upper body exercise "hammered" as after hundreds
approach any exercise at hand. All this shows firstly
the absolute ignorance of the consumers themselves, and secondly, about
absolute literacy of those who sell this stuff. Therefore, I shall bring
clarity. Actually pampas (pumping) - is a subjective sensation,
Results appearing to increase blood flow to working muscles,
which occurs due to the expansion of blood vessels and
respectively, increase blood supply to the muscles is perceived as
distension and so. n. As for the gravity training
and "clogging" of muscles, everything is determined by functional ischemia
working muscles (ie. e. Although blood flow and increased, but he still
is insufficient to provide adequate oxygen muscle), resulting
is anaerobic glycolysis, lactic acid, burning and pain
muscles. What happens if between muscle fibers is
synthol? Everything is very simple. During the same approach will suspend oil
mechanically compresses the blood vessels and nerve endings that
It feels like pampas, burning, "clogging muscle" muscle practically do not work.

The danger of using synthol.
"Although Clark argues that synthol absolutely
safe, yet in one of the editions of "Uncensored" Grega Zulaka
He took full responsibility for possible consequences for
the body when using it for purposes other than oil
posing. " This is a quote. It's funny to read. Now seriously.

Any injections, even correctly executed
potentially dangerous for the body. Virtually no one other than the doctors (and
Not all doctors) do not know the topographic anatomy of the blood vessels and nerves. Meanwhile
more when it comes to small muscle groups. Thus. when
intramuscular injection is easy enough to damage a particular nerve,
causing paresis (violation of sensitivity) or paralysis of the innervated area.

Contact of the needle into the blood vessel (particularly in
vein) is much more dangerous in terms of fat embolism
heart, lungs, brain, which often leads to death. Much more often postinjection infection
and the development of abscesses (limited purulent inflammation), and abscesses
(diffuse purulent inflammation), requiring surgery.

In addition the components of the drug directly stimulate an inflammatory response in the muscle,
a significant amount of fatty acids for a long time
deposited between muscle bundles, causing ischemia and atrophy
sclerosis muscle tissue. Think of at least 250 chances to go to
the light!
Ethics and aesthetics.
When it comes to that IFBB banned
Use synthol makes me laugh. IFBB with its prohibitions
is a mockery of themselves. Releasing the list of banned drugs,
they seem to indicate that you need to take the athlete to achieve a
high results in this federation. They require monsters and monsters are not
forced to wait long. But if the use of steroids is not
nothing to do with natural sports synthol it has nothing to do
sport in general - it's from some other world ... the world of mutants that
Is. And it has nothing to do about it fair to the guy with the steroid 50 cm
hand lose sintolovomu bastard shoulder 56 cm and 27 cm forearm
and then where are naturals. No. Just sick of all this.

Gregg Valentino - the most famous in
sintolschik the world, and part-owner of "the biggest hands in
bodbildinge. " For me it is so shit cylinders instead of hands. Incidentally
say what happened to his hand you might see ... lightly.

Klaus Doring - this is the same, the language is not
turn to tell strongman, one of the first users synthol,
more like a mutant pig. Laura Valentino do not give him no rest,
that's trying to ...

Klaus Kaak - crazy old man. As someone
put it in one forum, "he seems to run away from the madhouse, and the output from
guards bucket synthol steal ».

How can you comment on - I do not even
I know. Simply tell where synthol not, because there is no such place. Nothing
more idiotic not seen.

Ulcers instead of biceps visible even under a layer of paint. And his teeth clench probably trained separately.

And how do you this govnoёmkosti. No, you look
around: all the surrounding Islands about to puke - certainly, it was worth it.
For this one should be born.

Another sintolovy freak - Eli Hanna Company
Russian mutant (M. Bekoev - top and Skachkov - below) and mutantok.
Cool guys - take an example.

I do not know what he wants to show - probably sintolovy member.

The peak on the left bicep especially succeed, especially
If you have time to catch sintolovy the ball in the right place at the right time, and
so you look and get a peak at the triceps or anywhere else.

Harry BLEU - a very typical expression
It indicates nedyuzhennom intellectual potential and deep
philosophical thought.

«Powerlifter» with a capital letter. No comments ...

Do you think we have none? There is. Here is one of
them - Valery Loktionov - 49 years. And what is cool at different
forums, he tries to prove that it has no synthol. Of course not - there is at best - "Oleina».

Already once mentioned sintolovyh pros. So here
they. Flex Wheeler himself. Titles I will not enumerate.

Ernie Taylor - 11th place on Mr. Olympia 2003.

Mohammad Mustafa - Mr. sintolovy
quadriceps. Idris El-Ward - US champion 2002 heavyweight
and in absolute standings (just look like stare - similar
it's time to go down).

Take a look at these guys - but they are also about
synthol never heard and deeply intelligent look to
confirmation. Well, those born healthy, which is now too ...

Johnny Moya and Nesser El Sonbaty.


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