Living with an unusual angle

Armed with his camera, and skateboard, Kevin Michael Connolly traveled the world. After finishing his education in New Zealand, he went to travel to Ukraine, Austria, Ireland and the east coast of the United States. And the 25-year-old man a great skier. You might think, and what is surprising? Today, many young people lead an active lifestyle. But this is just a very amazing event - because of the birth of Kevin Connolly has no legs (sporadic congenital defect, as the doctors say). However, this did not prevent Kevin make a successful career as a photographer. He himself says: "If I could only take pictures, and nothing else, I would have been infinitely happy man." Today, his collection of over 30,000 photographs taken from unusual angles for viewers. Many of these pictures are exhibited in the permanent collections of the small hotels in Prague. Not so long ago, Kevin Connolly has received another grant in his home state Montata, funding his next photo expedition to different countries. Here is a small selection of the work of this courageous man.

1. Reykjavik

2. Beijing

3. Sighisoara, Romania

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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