Interesting facts (Issue 77)

The collision of an asteroid with the Earth as a result had destroyed the dinosaurs, it was so powerful that fragments of the Earth's surface have flown to Mars and even to Europe (Jupiter's moon). And if in these worlds ever detect life, it may well be a continuation of life on our planet.

When the famous physicist Richard Feynman got bored working on the Manhattan Project, he amused himself by picking up codes for the safe with documents in the offices of colleagues and left there stupid note. Colleagues were confident that the project is flooded with spies.

A New York photographer has published a series of portraits Shelter dogs who have had the least chance of getting into the family. As a result of all these dogs have found owners.

If you dissolve a tablet of Viagra in the water for cut flowers, these flowers stand for a week longer than usual.

The drug atropine, which is used for the expansion of the pupils, made from a plant called "Belladonna". And the word "Bela Donna" in Italian means "beautiful woman." This is the name of the plant received hundreds of years ago - a woman buried his juice in the eye to make your eyes look more seductive.

The human body is not fit to live more than 120 years. Such restrictions it imposes a genetic code that determines how many times are able to share our cells.

The author of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", an American writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson killed himself by bequeathing a friend to arrange a "posthumous party", where his ashes shot from a cannon actor Johnny Depp.

Rembrandt's pupils teased her teacher, drawing "coins" on the floor, and then laughed, watching as a great artist is trying to pick them up.

The repertoire of the American singer Tom Waits has a song called "The Fall of Troy." A repertoire of post-hardcore band "The Fall of Troy" is a song called "Tom Waits".



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