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The author writes: "Perhaps I'll start with a brief history. 8 years ago I found interesting with your colleague scans slides WWII. He told me that these slides were found his colleague when buying garden. Since at that point in life interests were a little different, we poohali, poahali and stuffed these scans at the farthest edge of their hard drives. Just a few days ago, putting things in order on the hard drive, I have found several of these photos. Contacted after this with a friend and learned - and there still remained something. In my joy - yes. Slides of the lot. I have been selected to start 10 frames. "

Aircraft Polikarpov R-5, according to Wikipedia - used as reconnaissance and night bomber.

I could be wrong, but the right of Lieutenant General Aviation, and the left pilot.

Willis, which until the end of the war put us about 52 000 of the United States.

According to the latest information - a "lorry" GAZ-AA, and not of the ZIS-5, which I thought at first.

Captured Panzerkampfwagen III.

This is not all-inclusive.

Soviet soldiers from the PCA.


Explosion. What exploded, which exploded, we will never know.

Interestingly, it is the actual fighting? Or maybe just blow the captured ammunition?

Major General with binoculars. I learned it the title of a photograph, which is lower.

I think that not every modern jeep drove to there. On the door of GAZ-M1 ("Emka") state registration numbers.

Opel Admiral.

Military airfield.

Funny soldiers.

Women's Fashion, 1941-1945.

Soviet soldiers with the German MP-38/40.

Apparently Major military transport service.

Colonel and Regimental Commissar? 4 rectangles on the lapels.

Continued photo shoot at the gate.

Well wrapped, only the titles are not clear.


Colonel and Major General.

At all times, young people drawn to a photo with the car.

Front-line friends.



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