Hammerhead - the most ferocious predator depths

What do we know about the hammerhead shark? We know that this is a shark whose head like a hammer, of course it's very funny, but if you ever, anywhere dare to dive into the sea and swim among the sharks, the thirst for new sensations and adrenaline, and if one of these ferocious fish will hammerhead shark, the knowledge, although superficial needs, and if the hand is not a laptop, you'll always be able to understand who you are dealing with!

I myself often looking transmission channels Animal Planet and the like, for example if the program goes about marine predators or something like that, there love to confess about the sharks, I always notice that very rarely talk about Akudim hammer, and so Here you just know that she is a very Hammerhead!

Oceans and seas always beckoned the man in front of him opening Mysterious depth, a lot of secrets and mysteries. And sow day, despite numerous scientific expeditions and tremendous work scientists oceanographers, the depth of the "big water" hide under a veil of secrecy still many secrets.

Special attention should hammerhead shark, which can rightly be called one of the most ferocious and ruthless predators of the deep sea. The study of this predator has opened a lot of amazing things and frightening facts that are unique to the hunter.

Hammerhead sharks - it's fast, tricky and extremely resourceful predator who is not afraid of almost no why and easily attack humans. On the "pedestal danger" hammerhead shark is the third largest, behind only the white and tiger sharks. History holds many of exciting facts that are associated with fish hammer. For example, in one of these sharks caught he was found dead a man who completely fit in the belly of a ruthless killer.

Its usual habitat is the warm water, but it does not prevent the shark quite feel comfortable in the cool northern waters. With a body length of 4 to 7 meters, fish hammer "armed" amazing abilities unrivaled predator, which were reflected in the structure of its incredibly strong and flexible body.

Evolution, which perfected the shark more than twenty million years, gave her all necessary. Heavy duty, razor-sharp teeth, which are located several rows, and can literally seconds to break any sacrifice. Natural masking body color makes it almost invisible in the water.

The powerful fins and strong muscles allow to develop tremendous speed. Unparalleled sense organs are capable of finding prey for many kilometers, sensing electromagnetic signals, sensing blood, and even the fear of his victim. A shark head itself, which has the shape of a hammer, gives the predator a phenomenal maneuverability, becoming stabilizer movement and leaving little chance of production on the flight.

All of this suggests that if Hammerhead had chosen a target, there is little that can save this goal. Weight hammerhead shark can overtaketh several hundred kilograms, and the largest caught specimen has a weight of 363 kilograms, while having a length of almost 8 meters.

Hammerhead is located on the top of the food chain, while not having any direct enemies. This allows it without risk to attack on any fish and mammals that live in marine waters. The trick, strength and agility of this predator are very often the key to victory over a bigger than herself opponent.

Hammerhead shark, as its closest relatives - other sharks, it does not in the structure of their body air bubble. To maintain its buoyancy it has to keep moving, so look for the victim and to always be "on guard." Caught by surprise in this shark is almost impossible. She always impose their conditions victim "game" and is always the winner.


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