How to go to the toilet in a spaceship

Everyone knows, or at least imagine how astronauts eat in their ships in conditions of weightlessness.
Tubes there are different, and all the works - "Borsch", "puree", "Kissel» ...
This we all know from childhood. Take astronaut tube and squeezes a sweets.
Have you ever asked yourself the question as to how the astronaut,
I'm sorry to pee or poop when he impatient?

In general, the spacecraft also have toilets and they look about the same as on Earth. Well of course the much-needed device has a number of design features. There are special mounting for the feet, so as not to break away from the seat (agree not very fun to be at the crucial moment). In addition, under each astronaut clearly adjusted his seat - yes, yes - as in the Maybach or Rolls-Royce made under each seat individually ass. Not only as a special option in the base of the spacecraft.

The general principle of devices is the same for male astronauts and women. It is made on the principle of a vacuum cleaner - a part of the human body, is responsible for the process of liberation from any excess garbage docks with a suitable hub toilet, and there is created underpressure. In other words - toilet sucking his astronaut waste. Toilets on the space shuttle and the International Space Station are somewhat different, because the first summer long, and ISS odes hanging in space.

On the shuttle, by the way, you can urinate standing - both men and women. For this purpose, a special funnel with a hose, which is connected to the toilet bowl. If desired, it can also be used while sitting. Sewerage system separates solid waste from liquid. Hard pressed is stored aboard the shuttle and unloaded after landing. Liquid waste is simply thrown out into space (as in the good old train), but over time, NASA hopes to find a way to recycle their secondary.

On the International Space Station, the general principle of the system is the same. The toilet seat mounted powerful air pumps. All waste is sorted, and for some time kept on board. Urine is absorbed and collected in 20 liter containers. These containers are then loaded onto cargo spacecraft "Progress", which burn at the entrance to the upper atmosphere. For solid waste using special mesh plastic bags. It passes through the air flow openings, and as a result all excrements end up in the bag. Flexible package shrinks and dumped into a metal container. Waste containers are exported as "progress".


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