Photos National Geographic for February 2011

We offer you a great selection of the best photos from National Geographic in January - only 28, by the number of days of the month. By the way, many pictures can be used as a desktop background on your computer. Enjoy watching.

1. Under the ice spikes met with thorns, when crab climbed a starfish. After a few decades of this crustacean to grow to the size of tractor tires. (Brian Skerry)

2. Lizard in the morning sun in the national park. (Olaf Dziallas)

3. Elephant Festival - one of the most popular festivals in Dzhaipure, which runs the stadium Chaugan in March. It begins with a beautiful procession of decorated elephants, camels, horses and dancers. Drovers proud to paint their elephants with bright colors and decorate them in quilted clothing and jewelry. (Marjorie Lang)

4. Family of monkeys, which I came across when he went into the pond Makritchi in Singapore. Two adult monkeys preening each other until the baby pressed to her mother. (Peng Hui Cheng)

5. Common Tern chick waits to feed him. His little sister waiting patiently behind. (Lisa Franceski)

6. This is a very simple but significant photograph. It is a symbol of the human will. Glorified are those who dare to make a move! (Madalina Cristina Lupascu)

7. Buffalo cooled in dirty water. This photo was taken on one of the island of Komodo in Indonesia. Famous lizards live only three islands of Komodo. I called this picture "The last moments of the buffalo," because these animals - one of the main dishes on the menu lizards. (Andrew Ang)

8. I had to run for the horse to make this photo. (Johann Karlsson)

9. Thousands belouhih kobs run in the shadow of the plane defenders of wildlife in the park east of Bor. Seasonal migration of these animals in southern Sudan is comparable in beauty and power with the migration of animals on the plains of the Serengeti. (George Steinmetz)

10. Pelicans always clearly caught the fish, which cast from a boat in the Gulf of Walvis, Namibia. (Romulo Rejon)

11. Feel the sea, the silence, the blue, freedom. Mediterranean, Menorca. (Enric Adrian Gener)

12. North-west of Scotland. (Troy Joiner)

13. A couple of mating dragonflies form a heart shape with their bodies. (Yeo Weng Sang)

14. Two rabbit playing in the national forest Casentino in Italy. (Graziano Capaccioli)

15. Being born with their eyes open, whooper swan chicks adopt the advantages of both parents. They join the autumn migration of parents and remain with them until the first winter. (Stefano Unterthiner)

16. A young fox near the trail to Mount Raynier in Washington. (Alexander Glass)

17. The fragrance of a rare flower capers on Kauai drew a hungry bee at sunset. (Mark W. Moffett)

18. Browning Passage at the northern end of Vancouver Island in British Columbia - one of the best dive sites in the northwest Pacific Ocean. The diversity and abundance of life here is simply amazing. At the end of the descent, rising to the surface, I have made this a good shot of green anemone. (Jens Troeger)

19. The red squirrel in the snow. Winter in Poland in 2010, has had a long and very severe. (Dorota Walczak)

20. The 17-week German Kurzhaar in the tall grass at sunset in New Zealand for Christmas 2010. (Chris McKay)

21. The sharp eyes Steller's sea eagle, searching for fish between ice Shiretoko Peninsula. (Brian Skerry)

22. These brown bears of Alaska - the real beauties. But it is better to keep them at a safe distance. (Chris Gray)

23. A flock of crows in northern California. (Jamie Zarza)

24. Lonely zebra at sunset in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. (Rene Roslev)

25. Wild cocks - ancestors of present domestic chicken - sit in a chicken coop near Steytsboro, Georgia. Remains of the population in the north-central India in the early 60s, these birds may be the last of its kind - in terms of genetics. As soon as a person is increasingly moving in the territory habitat of wild birds, chickens, which they bring with them, these are mixed with wild birds that "pollute" their blood. (Vincent J. Musi)

26. The northern part of Malawi is known for the beauty of the National Park, Nick. It is not as well known, but just as amazing as the small village of the valley Heng. Having lunch in the house of one of the residents in May 2010, I decided to explore his pigsty. Six of his sows have recently given birth. However, the owner was not at home when it happened, and wild dogs killed several pigs. (Tara McKay)

27. Lynx on the snow-covered rock. (Roberto Cristaudo)

28. The Japanese Macaque in natural hot springs in Nagano. Parents are closely watching their children. I saw this sphenes two monkeys and curious cub, and decided to capture it. (Patrick Shyu)

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