Photos National Geographic for February 2011

We offer you a great selection of the best photos from National Geographic in January - only 28, by the number of days of the month. By the way, many pictures can be used as a desktop background on your computer. Enjoy watching.

1. Under the ice spikes met with thorns, when crab climbed a starfish. After a few decades of this crustacean to grow to the size of tractor tires. (Brian Skerry)

2. Lizard in the morning sun in the national park. (Olaf Dziallas)

3. Elephant Festival - one of the most popular festivals in Dzhaipure, which runs the stadium Chaugan in March. It begins with a beautiful procession of decorated elephants, camels, horses and dancers. Drovers proud to paint their elephants with bright colors and decorate them in quilted clothing and jewelry. (Marjorie Lang)

4. Family of monkeys, which I came across when he went into the pond Makritchi in Singapore. Two adult monkeys preening each other until the baby pressed to her mother. (Peng Hui Cheng)


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