Fires in northern Israel (35 photos)

On the morning of Thursday, December 2, in the area of ​​Carmel (near Haifa, northern Israel) started a forest fire. Around noon, it was reported that the fire spreads threaten human settlements around the village Osafiya. The evacuation of students from Haifa University and the inmates, "Damon," whose walls were a hundred meters away from the fire.
The bus, which had to evacuate prisoners from "Damon", located in the Mount Carmel appeared on all sides surrounded by flames. Killed 40 people - cadets, future officers of the Bureau of Prisons, coming to prison, "Damon" to evacuate prisoners.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to the authorities in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Russia to the possibility of providing special planes to extinguish fires as quickly as possible to deal with a fire in northern Israel.


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