National Geographic showed the best photos of nature

National Geographic photo contest annually, reflecting the beauty of our world.
The competition is open to all comers, in which the lens has got something beautiful from the natural world, cities, and human nature. Weekly jury selects the best work - these are the main contenders for victory in the National Geographic Photo Contest. This material has been collected the best photos of the competition for the two months, which is the collection of applications.

Parental love

Cooing birds

Electric ray

Polar bears on the glacier Monaco

Australian sea lions play in the shallows

Battle for survival

Shades of pink

Monkey spy

Basalt waterfall

Looks cool

Flesh and bone

Night hammerhead shark

The capture of the day


Spunky singer

Marsh coots

Lion and crocodile

Peeping out of his pocket

Ice Cave

Landscape in the rain

I got you, babe

Happy beluga

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Nectar for green gecko

Snow falls on orca

When the moon rise and NASA

The owner of the harem

Paternal responsibilities

Frozen bubbles


Summer grandmother

Strength and beauty

Ghost from Earth

It's still there ?!

Eyes leopard

Lonely tree in Yellowstone

Flying owl


Round cloud over the park Grand Teton

Surprisingly blue shark


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