Fairy houses the English countryside

Thatched roofs (thatch) - are not uncommon in the English private sector and over the years become increasingly popular. For the manufacture of environmentally friendly thatched roof used water cane and wheat straw dlinnostebelnye.

Thatch tradition is rooted in the mists of time. In the old thatched roofs were most common in England. Even the famous London theater "Globe", where in the 17th century took place the premiere of Shakespeare's plays, was covered with straw.

Over time, when there was shingles and other roofing materials, thatched roofs were considered a sign of poverty and began to go out of use, especially in urban areas.

In our time, in accordance with the principle of "everything is new - is well forgotten old" again fashion for thatched roofs. Moreover, unlike the old times, it is no longer a sign of poverty, but rather the opposite, as the thatch roof - a very expensive pleasure.

The roof of straw of good quality, made by a qualified technician, can last 45-50 years.

According to tradition, a new layer of straw is placed on the old, it is the accumulation of thick layers created in the old buildings. In more than 250 roofs in the UK are the main lower layers of straw laid over 500 years ago. This makes it possible to find out what types of materials used in the medieval period.


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