The most unusual tanks

Italian self-propelled gun of the First World. Caliber presumably 305mm. Ballistics coastal defense gun resembles the sample in 1917. Presumably it used in the shelling of the Austrian fortifications in the Alps. If ballistics determined correctly, the weight of the projectile - 442 kg.Nach.skorost 540m / s. Range of shooting - 17600m.

Mobile armored machine-gun point of the Finnish War of production Izhora plant. No tracks, engine and so on. Just a piece of armor.

American Mine Exploder T1E3M1 "Aunt Jemima". Designed for demining.

Eight-hopping American armored vehicle. It may take the barrier of 1, 25 m tall and at a maximum speed of 64 km / h - and even jump ditches in width to 14 meters.


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