Bloopers in the movie "Treasure Island"

Let's look in more detail the famous cartoon "Treasure Island" and what it can be to find fault, I tell you to continue fasting.

5 minutes: Jim comes down the stairs, holding a candle in his left hand.
At the bottom of the candle will be in the right
(Though he might change hands when you change the frame), and his face will score.
Trousers him while it lengthened, then shortened continuously.
At some point, even they are tucked into socks. In turn,
stockings themselves for a moment turn into socks.

There Billy Bones suddenly deprived podkovok on the soles.

People Smollett prepared to defend the fort. Fort, apparently abandoned
a long time ago, but it has a whole glass!
Actually, it was not even one. And they all seem to be roasted!

This situation is all but Trelawney. It is on the contrary, was incredibly impressed.
And there's where!
After all, he first hid in this window!

Funny gaffe (or rather, do not blunder, and wandering multgeg), which I am sure,
I noticed only the blind.
One of the pirates Silver head - hole. When he opens his mouth,
the light passes through it.

At the end of the first part in a conspiracy to ship John Silver
amputated the right, then the left leg.

The same door opens into the hold in different directions.

On the door there is a window with bars, it is not.

The windows on the wall and the door before and during the negotiations with the Silver - a
the whole song!


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