The most humane prison in the world

Halden Prison Fengsel, which opened on April 8 in Norway - a complex in the woods, where there are a recording studio, a jogging path and a cottage for family visits, writes the American magazine Time. "Unlike many American prisons, not hanging in the air the smell of sweat and urine. On the contrary, from the kitchen, where inmates are taught cooking, the smell of orange sherbet heard ", - says the journalist William Lee Adams.

Construction lasted 10 years in prison and a cost of 252 million dollars.

Halden embodies the basic principles of the Norwegian penal system: the repressive prison are ineffective, the humane treatment of prisoners to facilitate their reintegration into society.

Are Hoydal prison director said that in Halden sit, among others, drug dealers, murderers and rapists. According to the newspaper, the statistics say about the effectiveness of the Norwegian model: in this country, only 20% of prisoners again go to prison for two years after release, whereas in the UK and the US - 50-60%.

A key role in efforts to rehabilitate plays Design Halden, the magazine writes.


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