"Execution" of the American porn actress

I advise you to read further about how China's "execution" of the American porn actress. Be sure to read and look at photos.

Chinese propaganda machine has malfunctioned. China's state news agency "Xinhua" published cadres penalty women, calling it "This record penalty of women prisoners - from the darkest places in the world." Also called the name of the executioner - Mark. In the photos, Mark makes a woman an injection, after which she shakes in convulsions and dying. Information began to spread on Chinese blogs and websites as long as one of the blogs appeared no refutation. It turned out that it is not any punishment, but ... pictures of fetish porn, which is called - "Lethal injection." By the way, after the "penalty" Mark has been having sex with the woman, but the footage Chinese "journalists" have decided not to include in the report. In the end, the frames were removed from all government sites, but they were on the Internet. You can see them. How this could be taken as punishment has come, for me it is still a mystery ...


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