How do you know where this picture

Very often people ask questions in the comments like this

We are talking about this SIFCO

To answer this question, I used the service

Detailed description of the image search in the English language is given here. I give instruction in Russian.

So, go on Google and in the upper right corner click on the link Images. Next, click on the camera icon in the search bar. We fall into the search box with two tabs

«Paste image URL» - to search at the image on the Internet.
«Upload an image» - to search images saved on your computer.
In the second tab, I think everything is clear. It is only necessary to specify where the image on the computer and press the «Search by image». To find the address of the image on the Internet, you must first obtain a reference to the image itself.
In most cases, the address of the browser's address bar does not lead to self izobrazhenie.Chasto images themselves are hyper-links, which also do not lead to self izobrazhenie.Chtoby get the address directly with the image, you must click on it, right click and select "Copy image address"

Stress that it is necessary to copy the address of the image. Depending on the browser, and the image of the page on which the image is taken, the procedure and the number of items in the right-click menu can be changed.
Now, paste the address in the search box on the tab «Paste image URL» and hit «Search by image».
Google Chrome users and Firefox can download and install the official extension for the browser to avoid these steps dalneyshem.Dlya Opera users also have a large selection of extensions online brauzera.V Ideally, Google finds the description of the image, which will be in the line «Best guess for this image: ». In this case immediately clear from this image, or have carried out a further search by the description, it is easier. You can simply click on the description and continue the search.
If the description is not found, or it does not match the image, will be given below by reference to a page containing the image. Polazte on them, someone can give a description of the picture.
So it was in my case. Following the very first link suggested by Google LeagueOfMemes: Memes for League of Legends - reddit I have found I am interested in the image and 2 commentary thereto

Link the second Sailor Beware leads to the video on Youtube.


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